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Weekly focus #4: Austria, Estonia, Serbia and Architecture

Week 4 in the CEE Spring is dedicated to three countries in the region – Austria, Estonia and Serbia, or, if you prefer a particular topic, this is the week of Architecture. Wisely combined, because one of the things Austria...

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Weekly Focus: Georgia, Hungay, Kosovo and Food

CEE Spring has gotten off to a great start with ~1700 articles written already! And as weekly inspiration, here are a few ideas on what to write about this week: Food is something that connects all of us and especially...

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CEE Spring is over! Thanks to everyone who participated!

10 weeks after the start of astronomic spring, we can declare the end of the CEE Spring. What is arguably the largest regional article writing contest is over for 2017, and we can finally relax for a while and enjoy...

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Last Weekly Focus!!! Esperantujo, Georgia, Tatarstan and Turkey

Sadly, the last week of CEE Spring 2017 has arrived 🙁 Fret not though, last week’s communities are awash with fascinating articles about (far away) places and people with stories to tell. Esperantujo Finding Esperanto in the CEE Spring list...

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Weekly Focus: Greece, Belarus and Crimean Tatar

This week of CEE Spring is dedicated to three communities that have been influential in various scientific areas. First up in the field of archaeology is Muazzez İlmiye Çığ, a Turkish archaeologist of Crimean Tatar descent, who as a Sumerian...

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Weekly Focus: Republika Srpska, Russia and Austria

Two of this week’s three countries or regions represent two poles of the CEE spectrum: Austria to the west, Russia to the east. And in the middle, a bit to the south, Repulika Srpska, one of the two entities of...

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