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Weekly focus #11: Greece, Kazakhstan and Culture

The final week of CEE Spring has arrived, and we are looking at Greece, Kazakhstan and Culture in general! Greece As you have noticed, “Greece” rhymes with “culture”. OK, maybe not, but who has not learned about ancient Greek culture...

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Weekly focus #7: Latvia, Poland, Crimean Tatar and History

One month left in CEE Spring, plenty of articles can still be written about this diverse region! This week’s topics are Latvia, Poland, Crimean Tatar and the very broad topic of history. This week Latvia has multiple things to celebrate:...

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Weekly focus #6: Albania, Turkey, Erzya and Education

As we approach the end of April, we have a new set of topics to write about: Albania, Turkey, where Wikipedia is still blocked, and Erzya, language spoken in Republic of Mordovia in the Russian Federation. If you need a...

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Weekly Focus: Armenia, Bashkortostan, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The penultimate week of CEE Spring is here; just one more week and some extra days after that remain! This week our focus moves to Armenia, one of the bigger CEE communities, Bashkortostan, a federal subject of Russia, and Bosnia...

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Weekly Focus: Romania+Moldova, Latvia, Kosovo

As we enter the last weeks of the CEE Spring contest, another set of countries is here. This time there is one from the Baltics, one from the Balkans (an exercise left to the readers to find the difference) and then...

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