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How to find topics for CEE Spring articles?

When in doubt what to write about, write about Estonians – this running gag of unknown origin is the most common answer to a Wikimedian looking for a topic for CEE Spring. But what if you are out of sources...

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CEE Spring at Wikimedia Conference 2016

Wikimedia Conference is an annual meeting of Wikimedia chapters, user groups and thematic organizations. During this meeting Wikimedians talk, exchange ideas, learn and search for new ways to cooperate. This year the conference took place in Berlin from Friday, April 22,...

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CEE Spring participants fighting the gender gap!

Only about 15% of Wikipedia editors around the world are women. This gender disparity among Wikipedians is a big problem in itself, but there is also an unfortunate corollary – Wikipedia lacks articles about many people, but disproportionately these missing...

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