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Weekly focus #6: Albania, Turkey, Erzya and Education

As we approach the end of April, we have a new set of topics to write about: Albania, Turkey, where Wikipedia is still blocked, and Erzya, language spoken in Republic of Mordovia in the Russian Federation. If you need a...

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Weekly focus #5: Croatia, Russian Federation and Nature

Approaching the middle of the CEE Spring, in Week 5 we are geographically focused on Croatia and the Russian Federation, and thematically on the topic of Nature. And for a good reason, because both countries feature amazing natural phenomena and...

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Weekly focus #4: Austria, Estonia, Serbia and Architecture

Week 4 in the CEE Spring is dedicated to three countries in the region – Austria, Estonia and Serbia, or, if you prefer a particular topic, this is the week of Architecture. Wisely combined, because one of the things Austria...

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Weekly Focus: Georgia, Hungay, Kosovo and Food

CEE Spring has gotten off to a great start with ~1700 articles written already! And as weekly inspiration, here are a few ideas on what to write about this week: Food is something that connects all of us and especially...

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