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Weekly Focus: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Poland

This week the participants of the CEE Spring 2017 are concentrating on topics related to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Poland. All three countries give lot’s of opportunities to write interesting articles and all three are worth knowing better. Something worth eating...

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CEE Spring + #100wikidays =

Both born in the CEE in the last days of 2014, the article writing contest CEE Spring and the article writing self-challenge #100wikidays are going in different directions, yet often with paths crossing. Read the stories of some of the...

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Weekly Focus: Hungary, Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria

Week #5 in the CEE Spring 2017 is dedicated to topics related to Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia and Hungary. All the three countries contain in their lists some fascinating topics of general and specialized interest, that are worth featuring in...

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Weekly Focus: Ukraine, Lithuania, Erzya

Hello there! Are you taking part in probably the biggest article contest in Wikipedia? I hope you are, because Central and Eastern European communities are amazing and writing in Wikipedia about them is a lot of fun! This week we encourage...

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Weekly Focus: Republika Srpska, Russia and Austria

Two of this week’s three countries or regions represent two poles of the CEE spectrum: Austria to the west, Russia to the east. And in the middle, a bit to the south, Repulika Srpska, one of the two entities of...

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