Wikimedia CEE Spring article contest


Weekly focus #9: Romania, Moldova, Bashkortostan and science

This week is science week in CEE Spring 2018, and the featured articles are from Romania, Moldova and Bashkortostan. A good match, since these lists have many interesting articles in the respective section. And don’t forget, if you need an...

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Weekly focus #8: Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Eurovision (also, music)

May is in full swing and spring is starting to feel more like summer at times, which makes it even more enticing to write articles in your nice and cool home! This week features a little known event called “Eurovision...

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Last Weekly Focus!!! Esperantujo, Georgia, Tatarstan and Turkey

Sadly, the last week of CEE Spring 2017 has arrived 🙁 Fret not though, last week’s communities are awash with fascinating articles about (far away) places and people with stories to tell. Esperantujo Finding Esperanto in the CEE Spring list...

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Weekly Focus: Armenia, Bashkortostan, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The penultimate week of CEE Spring is here; just one more week and some extra days after that remain! This week our focus moves to Armenia, one of the bigger CEE communities, Bashkortostan, a federal subject of Russia, and Bosnia...

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