Wikimedia CEE Spring article contest


CEE showing support for the Turkish Wikipedians

A news story from the last few days that has caused serious concern for our region of Central and Eastern Europe was the URL-based block implemented by the Turkish Internet Regulator (ICTA) of all language versions of Wikipedia in Turkey. This...

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Diana Abgar – an Armenian writer, diplomat, and ambassador to Japan of the First Republic of Armenia. She is the first Armenian woman diplomat and possibly the first woman to have ever been appointed in any diplomatic post.

CEE Spring is over! Let’s gather the fruits

It is uncomfortable to write that “the Spring has ended” but the CEE Spring article writing competition is really over. It lasted for 10 weeks – a long time, enough for the fruits to ripen. Let’s see what we all acquired...

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Ukrainian winner Jamala


Tonight Ukraine won the 61st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, the longest-running annual international TV song competition. Congratulations! Eurovision is about the music, but also about culture, politics, traditions and people, and learning about the culture of our neighbouring...

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How is CEE Spring going?

CEE Spring 2016 is still happening. You’ve got three more weeks to write about Central and Eastern Europe! The large article writing contest, CEE Spring 2016, enters its final three weeks. People have been writing about countries and regions of...

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Announcement: Winners of the Week of Women in Science and Education

Last week was the Week of Women in Science and Education in CEE Spring and now we are proud to present you the winners. User:Алиса Селезньова (Alisa Selezniova) from Bulgaria won the challenge. She wrote articles about Elitsa Maneva –...

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Week of Women in Science and Education

Starting on Monday, 2 May, a thematic Week of Women in Science and Education, which promotes the creation of articles about notable women from the CEE region, who contributed strongly to science and education in the region, will be run....

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CEE Spring at Wikimedia Conference 2016

Wikimedia Conference is an annual meeting of Wikimedia chapters, user groups and thematic organizations. During this meeting Wikimedians talk, exchange ideas, learn and search for new ways to cooperate. This year the conference took place in Berlin from Friday, April 22,...

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CEE Spring participants fighting the gender gap!

Only about 15% of Wikipedia editors around the world are women. This gender disparity among Wikipedians is a big problem in itself, but there is also an unfortunate corollary – Wikipedia lacks articles about many people, but disproportionately these missing...

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Spring of nations in Wikipedia: take part in the article contest!

CEE Spring 2016 is a real spring of nations in Wikipedia. Every week we encourage you to write articles about three countries and the week of April 18—24 is devoted to Bulgaria, Macedonia and Croatia. Write Wikipedia articles about these countries in...

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Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016

  Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016 is an event organised by Wikimedians and Wikipedians from the region of Central and Eastern Europe with an aim to support article creation about every country in the region on every Wikipedia in the region....

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