Wikimedia CEE Spring article contest

Spring is back, CEE!

This is what early Spring used to look like across the CEE region. March by Isaak Levitan (1860-1900)

The Spring is finally here! And by Spring we mean the CEE Spring one of the largest and most fun writing contests in the Wikiverse. During the next 10 weeks participants from 27 communities will write and improve Wikipedia articles about the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

In the Wikipedia world we believe that knowledge can bring people together. The more we know about others the better we can understand them and ourselves. And the more connections we can see and create. In communities like the CEE with a lot of difficult common history we need more collaboration and knowledge. And the CEE Spring brings a little bit of both!

Organized since 2015 this contest brings CEE communities together to enrich Wikipedia with content about the countries, languages and communities of the region. Each local community organizes their own subcontest with the rules tailored to local needs and each selects the local winners. The communities do not compete against each other – rather than that they work together to bring Wikipedia as much knowledge about different CEE countries as possible. And to jointly address important issues – such as the gender gap.

So are you interested in participating yet? You should! Every week of the contest will be dedicated to specific countries and communities. You will have a chance to discover more about notable people, old and new politics, fascinating history, amazing CEE women, mouthwatering cuisine, beautiful nature and wonderful culture of those countries and then bring your discoveries to your local Wikipedia by creating and improving articles.

In 2018 about 450 people took part in the contest (which means that the CEE Spring participants could almost fill a whole Jumbo Jet together!), creating more than 9000 articles (so as much as the number of articles in the whole Silesian Wikipedia!) in 29 languages.

How will it go this year? Will the Ukrainians beat their astonishing result of 2147 articles written during the contest? Will the record of 476 articles created by a single user be beaten? And what about bridging the gender gap – will we be as successful as in 2018 when we added more than 1700 articles about women? Well this depends on you! So gather your sources, browse through the lists with proposed topics and start writing, improving and doing a lot of amazing wiki-work in the CEE articles in your local language.

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