Wikimedia CEE Spring article contest

Weekly focus #9: Romania, Moldova, Bashkortostan and science

Stanislav.nevyhosteny, Inversion over the city of Liberec, CC BY-SA 4.0  (Wiki Science Compeition 2017 in the Czech Republic)

This week is science week in CEE Spring 2018, and the featured articles are from Romania, Moldova and Bashkortostan. A good match, since these lists have many interesting articles in the respective section. And don’t forget, if you need an illustration for your article, you can use some of the cool images gathered by last year’s Wiki Science Competition.

Romania and Moldova

Romania and Moldova presented a single list this year, and their science section is formed only of biographies, so if you’re looking for a quick article to write, you’re in luck: Traian Vuia or George Constantinescu are well covered in English. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, you’ll have to to your own research or translate from Romanian for Nicolae Anestiadi and Grigore Antipa.

Looking at the wider list, there are still many Wikipedias without an article about the Danube Delta. Other underrepresented articles include Astra IVA (the first rolling stock of the Bucharest metro) and the Moldovan bank fraud scandal.


Don’t forget that you can still receive one of the lovely souvenir postcards from Bashkortostan when you write an article from the list about Bashkir State University, which includes the likes of the physicist Mukhamet Kharrasov, who researches in the field of superconductive materials. One other notable person of science is the Turkologist Zeki Velidi Togan, who also taught at Istanbul University and in 1935 became a doctor of philosophy at the University of Vienna, before moving to Germany. One who lived the CEE experience, so to speak! 🙂

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