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Weekly focus #6: Albania, Turkey, Erzya and Education

As we approach the end of April, we have a new set of topics to write about: Albania, Turkey, where Wikipedia is still blocked, and Erzya, language spoken in Republic of Mordovia in the Russian Federation. If you need a more specific topic, this is the education week, so your articles about universities are more than welcome.

Tirana University (April 2014)

Tirana University (April 2014), Albania. Author: Kj1595. License: CC BY-SA 4.0. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Albanian community has prepared a list which features Besim Bokshi, Albanian poet and linguist which had great influence on orthography standard of the Albanian language. There is also the topic of Kyrias family, prominent figures of of the Albanian National Awakening period. If you would rather write about one of Albanian higher education institutions, there is a list for that.

As mentioned previously, Wikipedia is still blocked in Turkey. But we can write about Turkey and Turkish culture. Here are a few suggestions for education enthusiasts! For those of  you who are interested in the history of education, let us share with you the big question of Turkish education: “Where should we begin an innovation in education?” At the beginning of 1900s Education Minister Emrullah Efendi argued that an innovation has to initiate from higher education, whereas Sati’ al-Husri argued that it should start from the primary school level. If you are missing them in your wiki, we suggest  to create articles about these two important Ottoman educationalists and their hot debate. Another much debated issue in Turkish history was success or failure of Village Institutes. Those schools were founded  in 1940s to train village teachers and this initiative was maybe the most important educational experiment of Turkish history. Lastly, we could suggest to write about an Istanbul school serving orphans for more than 150 years: Darüşşafaka.

Erzya might be one of lesser known communities in the CEE region, which can make it interesting for some contributors. The Erzya language day was celebrated on April 16 an there is a section in the Erzya list which offer a special recognition — an Erzya language day postcard for writing about one of these topics, which include topics about language itself and people who devoted their lives to Erzyan literature and culture. Write 7 more articles to get one more postcard.

Happy editing to all!

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