Wikimedia CEE Spring article contest

Weekly Focus: Georgia, Hungay, Kosovo and Food

CEE Spring has gotten off to a great start with ~1700 articles written already! And as weekly inspiration, here are a few ideas on what to write about this week:

Food is something that connects all of us and especially in Central and Eastern Europe, with recipes and dishes shared widely in this region of the world.

In Georgia it’s difficult to not run into Khinkali at some point in your travels through the country. Neat little dumplings that are usually fried and remind you of Xiaolongbao, which hail from far-away Shanghai.

Next up, Hungary is most famous for a variety of dishes. One of the more well known products is salami, especially the one produced in Szeged by the Pick company since 1869. Although at first it was indeed made from donkey’s meat, the company had to switch to pork after “there were not enough donkeys left to slaughter in Hungary”, according to the English Wikipedia article. Maybe someone will want to throw in a citation for good measure! 😉

Meanwhile, the Kosovan cuisine consists of an interesting mixture of various dishes from all ethnic groups in the Kosovo, typical for the Balkans like stuffed peppers, pies or Tarator.

We’re sure there’s more to highlight when it comes to food in the CEE region, feel free to add your article suggestions in the comments!

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