Wikimedia CEE Spring article contest

CEE Spring 2018 starts!

Encyclopedic accuracy requires us to admit that this year the astronomic spring began on 20 March. Just like in 2017 and 2016… But following a long-standing wiki tradition, dating back to 2015, we start the Central and Eastern European Spring today, on 21 March. 

In the next 71 days, volunteers from the whole region will be writing articles on topics related to the culture, science, sports, history, geography, and people of the other countries, subregions and language communities in the CEE. In this way, we will learn more about our neighbours and people we share so much common history with, and will make this knowledge freely available to millions of other people.

Until 31 May, from Estonia to Greece and from Austria to Kazakhstan, several hundreds of people will again create and improve several thousands of articles! Like in 2017, when 445 editors from CEE and 39 from all around the world wrote together more than 8200 articles in almost 30 language versions of Wikipedia. And like in 2017, one of the priority topics of CEE Spring will again be bridging the gender gap by involving more women editors and creating more biographic content about notable women from Central and Eastern Europe. We will also show solidarity with our colleagues and friends from Turkey, whose access to Wikipedia has been banned since May 2017. 

If the CEE Vernal Equinox has not yet started in your local Wikipedia this year, be brave and consider joining the team of local organizers. Be the change you wish to see in CEE. And in the world.

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