Wikimedia CEE Spring article contest

CEE Spring is over! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Jan Stanisławski - Summer landscape

Jan Stanisławski – Summer landscape

10 weeks after the start of astronomic spring, we can declare the end of the CEE Spring. What is arguably the largest regional article writing contest is over for 2017, and we can finally relax for a while and enjoy the results of our toil. 31 countries, or regions, or language versions took part in this year’s competition.

In the weeks to come, it will be the local juries’ pleasant obligation to review all the articles written this third edition of the competition, and select the local winners in the defined categories. The prizes this year are kindly organized with the help of Wikimedia Austria, the fiscal sponsor for the project, funded by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Apart of the local contributors, many people from outside the region of Central and Eastern Europe got inspired to write in their languages articles related to CEE, mainly biographies about notable CEE women. Wikipedias in Arabic, Catala, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Ladino, Malayalam, Norwegian (both nb and nn) Portuguese, Punjabi and Spanish are now richer in CEE-related content, thus not only helping for bridging the gender gap, but also for making our part of the world more visible and better known to people around the globe.

But what is even more important is that we, people within the region, exchanged knowledge and inspiration, demonstrated vivid mutual interest in each other, and maybe started understanding each other better. While closely linked geographically and historically, our region exhibits its wonderful diversity of writing systems, languages, religions, traditions and cultures. This is one of our biggest assets, and a motivation for us, as a CEE community, to keep being curious and learn about each other.

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