Wikimedia CEE Spring article contest

Hungary and other helpful neighbors of Romania

Biography of Gabriela Potorac was written in Hungarian during CEE Spring (Commons, PD)

One month to go, and the Romanian community already draws some conclusions

CEE Spring writing contest has gathered again over 30 countries and communities of Central and Eastern Europe. Starting with late March, Wikipedia users have written more than 3,400 articles on region’s history, politics, geography, and notable people, and we are coming closer and closer to the target of 10,000 articles.

Romanian Wikipedians have written 70 articles until now, a big chunk of which are biographies of famous women. Romanian readers can now read about Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova and Hungarian scientist Edith Farkas; the latter by the way led the researches on Earth’s ozone layer for as long as 30 years!

We could fairly say that Romanians did not write much. But the good news is Romania and Moldova have been written about a lot. Hungarians did a particularly great job on this field: they wrote 80 articles and are still on fire, and most of their articles are about Romanian female gymnasts. Hungary is not the only neighbor to help: Bulgarians created 27 articles on Romania and Moldova, while Ukrainians created 22.

The contest goes on. Let’s keep on helping each other and hit that 10k target!

Love, Romanian Wikipedia community.

User:Gikü, Organizer, Chișinău, Republica Moldova

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