Wikimedia CEE Spring article contest

Announcing the CEE ethnography challenge!

One of our volunteers working on an interview with folk musician Vítem Kašpařík (by Mariusz Raniszewski, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

The culture, history and tradition of Central and Eastern Europe is at the heart of both the Wikimedia CEE Spring Contest and the Carpathian Ethnography Project. This year, these two initiatives meet — and everyone is warmly invited to participate in the new special CEE ethnography challenge. Read on!

Wikimedians coming from a wide range of countries contribute information to Wikipedia, hoping to provide everyone with more information about the CEE regions. Meanwhile the participants of Carpathian Ethnography Project — an international effort to document the folklore, traditional costume, art and craft of the Carpathian Highlands — have just returned from Roznov pod Radhostem, in Moravian Wallachia, Czech Republic. While in and around Roznov, the team of ethnographers and Wikimedians were taking photographs, recording videos and interviews, scanning books and articles. They were given access to enter several museum buildings which haven’t previously been shown to the public or photographed, and filmed local Easter celebrations. After the Czech Republic — and Poland and Romania in 2016 — the team will now travel to Slovakia and Ukraine. Teams also conduct workshops in regional museums so that experts in regional folklore and employees of local museums can later carry on providing key information on local history, tradition and art in Wikipedia.

Members of “Grojcowianie” folklore group in Żywiec Beskids clothing sing and play music during the Mass of the Assumption of the Holy Mary in Juszczyna (by: Wpedzich, CC-BY-SA 4.0)

The participants have so far written or contributed to several dozen articles about folk costume and craft, regional museums, monuments and other topics related to the region (in several languages including English, Polish, Slovakian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Russian and others), and illustrated them with new images selected from among over 600 media uploaded so far to Wikimedia Commons. Please see the article scope on the project page!   

Within the CEE Spring Contest, selected Ethno-Carpathians articles were already translated — thank you! New language versions were added for Jan Krzeptowski (poet and bard of the Tatras); the Tatra Museum in Zakopane and Wallachian Open Air Museum; the parzenica (in 6 languages!), the Vyshyvanka and many others.

As a second additional challenge in 2017 for all the CEE enthusiasts, we have expanded the lists of suggested articles to be translated from within the ‘CEE Carpathians’ — subjects include the culture, monuments, traditions, folklore music and architecture of the Carpathian Range. You are cordially invited to translate these into your language and take part in the Carpathians Challenge! Five challenge participants with the largest contribution to the challenge will receive small personalised posters and gadgets from Wikimedia Polska and the Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw. The challenge is open until May 30th. Everyone is welcome to take part! Please help us translate articles and spread the word!

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