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Third CEE Spring starts today!

On March 21, CEE Spring 2017 begins, international competition in writing articles about the countries and communities of Central and Eastern Europe. Despite of having much history in common, citizens of the region often know very little about their neighbours, and this contest aims to nourish Wikipedia with articles and help to grow understanding between nations.

In 2016 CEE Spring in Wikipedia was of a great success: more than 400 participants took part and brought Wikimedia more than 9000 new articles which makes this contest one of the largest Wikipedia’s history. This year’s edition is very peculiar: while it is held in 26 language versions of Wikipedia, the subject for it is 29 communities-organisers. And these communities we write about can represent sovereign states (Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Ukraine and others) as well as communites or regions (like Esperantujo, Bashkirs or Crimean Tatars).

On many of the Wikipedias in the region there is more information about larger countries than about our own region. On Bulgarian Wikipedia, for instance, there are 92 articles about cities in Belarus and 216 about cities in England, which has half the area of Belarus. Same goes for politics, history, art, culture, etc. — says Nikola Kalchev, one of the international coordinators of CEE Spring 2017.

CEE Spring 2017 article-writing contest will last till May 31, and its participants will bring thousands of new articles relating to the history, culture, politics, and geography of the region. The contestants will choose the topics on their own but they will be provided with lists of the 100 most important, inspiring and interesting places, people and other topics from every country or region, created by local Wikipedia editors. This way contest participants will be able to go surpass the stereotypes and the most renowned and be able to tell the world about the the things that are really important.

Participants who register the largest and with highest quality content contributions will receive prizes. The contest is open to anybody, including those with no prior experience of editing Wikipedia.

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