Wikimedia CEE Spring article contest

How is CEE Spring going?

A map from one of the good articles created during CEE Spring – Soviet-Albanian split on Ukrainian Wikipedia

CEE Spring 2016 is still happening. You’ve got three more weeks to write about Central and Eastern Europe!
The large article writing contest, CEE Spring 2016, enters its final three weeks. People have been writing about countries and regions of Central and Eastern Europe in many of languages since March 21. Subjects like culture, history, geography, society, and economy of the countries in the region have been covered by the volunteers in a desire to make important contributions for Wikipedia while hunting for some prizes: books and other academic resources.
Until now, over 4,600 (!) articles have been written about 30 countries and regions. Estonia got the most attention: 480 articles in different languages are about this small Northern country. On the other side, the most productive ‘article manufacturers’ are the Belarusians, with almost 700 articles. Some ‘good articles’ – a term describing an outstanding article that almost makes it to featured – are already there: Războiul Livonian in Romanian and Радянсько-албанський розкол in Ukrainian are live examples.
The prizes are mostly books and academic resources and are awarded by country/region. Some local organizers established special prize categories for newcomers. Check the rules of your local contest to find out what prizes you can hunt for. There are three weeks left to contribute. Don’t miss your chance!

6 Responses to “How is CEE Spring going?”

  1. Vassily K. says:

    Please correct the word ‘Belorussians’ into ‘Belarusians’. ‘Belorussians’ is an obsolete Soviet term that sounds rather insulting for major part of people who live in Belarus now.

  2. Renessaince says:

    Belarus, so Belarus(i)ans.

  3. Artificial123 says:

    Belarusians, not Belarussians.