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Spring of nations in Wikipedia: take part in the article contest!

Church of Saint John at Kaneo, at the Ohrid Lake, Republic of Macedonia

Church of Saint John at Kaneo, at the Ohrid Lake, Republic of Macedonia. Diego Delso, Wikimedia Commons, License CC-BY-SA 3.0

CEE Spring 2016 is a real spring of nations in Wikipedia. Every week we encourage you to write articles about three countries and the week of April 18—24 is devoted to Bulgaria, Macedonia and Croatia. Write Wikipedia articles about these countries in your favourite language, write more — and win prizes!

In every language users contribute to Wikipedia on topics that are easier to find materials about. In Ukrainian there are more sources on history of Ukraine than on history of, say, Bulgaria. Therefore there are more articles in Ukrainian Wikipedia on the first topic. And in Bulgarian Wikipedia you will find respectively less articles about Ukraine. This all has logic but is definitely wrong: Wikipedia aims to be the completest encyclopaedia and thus it should have articles on every notable topic, right?

Wikipedia in all languages should follow the rule of verifiability. It may be hard for you to find sources on lakes in Croatia but if there is an article in Croatian Wikipedia and you don’t see any defects in it, it means that the main work — writing an article — is already done 🙂 And you can take part in CEE Spring contest even by translating articles (don’t forget to note this properly). This may not be true for some local contests so you better check the rules, and if you know many languages you can always go write articles in some other Wikipedia 🙂 The more — the better!

Hurry up to take part in the article contest! Prizes are waiting 🙂

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