Wikimedia CEE Spring article contest


CEE Spring logoWikimedia CEE Spring 2019 is an event organised by Wikimedians and Wikipedians from the region of Central and Eastern Europe with an aim to support article creation about every country in the region on every Wikipedia in the region.

Wikimedia CEE Spring aims at joining local forces of free knowledge to accumulate and distribute information about history, culture, traditions and people in every corner of the region to support mutual acknowledgement and understanding and to increase the quantity and quality of free knowledge available about the CEE region globally.

The event itself takes place from the 21st of March to the 31st of May. During this time period there will be an individual article competition on nearly 30 related Wikipedias concentrating on creating and significantly editing articles about history, culture and notable people of each and every participating country from the region.

Local competitions are organised by local teams and in every community the competition will have a bit different face to take into account local context. Local teams present lists of articles about their country which they would like to see in every possible language from the region and editors from all other countries create and significantly edit those articles, whereby participants can write about any topic, connected with the other participating countries in the region.

Contest pages of local parts of CEE Spring 2019 are located in Wikipedias.

The more participants, the merrier. Write articles — and have fun!

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